UPDATE: Real Tamale United faces lifetime BAN over impersonation scandal in Ghana Premier League

Real Tamale United (RTU) is on the brink of a potential lifetime ban from the Ghana Premier League following a shocking revelation of impersonation during their match against Dreams FC.

The controversy unfolded as RTU, amidst a player boycott over unpaid salaries and entitlements, fielded unregistered players against Dreams FC. Adding to the intrigue, the team sheet listed names of first-team players who did not travel with the squad to Dawu, raising suspicions of impersonation.

This flagrant breach of regulations has ignited fury within the football community, prompting the Ghana Football Association to vow swift and severe action.

RTU’s use of unregistered players and the alleged impersonation constitute a blatant violation of league rules, tarnishing the integrity of the sport.

This scandal sheds light on the deeper issues plaguing RTU, including the unresolved salary disputes that precipitated the player boycott.

The Ghana Football Association must demonstrate unwavering resolve in addressing this issue to preserve the league’s integrity and uphold the sanctity of its regulations.

Already reeling from relegation, RTU suffered a humiliating 8-1 defeat against Dreams FC, with Agyenim Boateng Mensah netting five goals.

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