VIDEO: A director gave me a condom to have sεx with me after the shoot – Actress reveals

Mixologist, Delali Mispa has revealed that as an up-and-coming actress, her dream was cut short because a film director wanted to have sεx with her for a role.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, she indicated that a director blatantly asked for sεx while on set. According to Mispa, he gave her and asked her to meet her at a hotel later.

“I had a passion for acting, and sometimes my actor friends would call me if they needed an extra. As time went by, I noticed something that I didn’t like because a director would tell me if I want to be a star then I have to sleep with him. I’ve heard a lot of hurtful things,” she told host DJ Nyaami.

She added that a director instructed her to prepare for a scene, but “before we went on set, he gave me a handshake, and I realized he put something in my palm. It was a condom. I asked what it was for, and he said to keep it and meet him at a hotel after the shoot.”

According to Mispa, the director gave the minor role to another person after she rejected the sεx offer. Moreover, another director also invited her to a movie house and demanded sεx for a movie role.

Upon rejection, the director told her that most movie stars, including Jackie Appiah, did the same.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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