VIDEO: Awkward conversation between Empress Gifty Osei and a Momo fraudster causes stir

Gifty Osei, a gospel singer, has revealed her encounter with an MTN Mobile Money fraudster who attempted to con her out of her money online.

Empress Gifty was seen in her car driving somewhere in the video, which was monitored by DailyNewsGhana.com.

This male fraudster called her and, in order to impress the musician, claimed that someone had given him money to send to her.

According to the fraudster, a man approached him and wanted to send Ghc500 to her (Gifty Osei), but his phone battery died, so he penned her number for him (the vendor) to complete the transaction.

He, like most Momo vendor con artists, would have persuaded Gifty Osei to dial her secret code, granting him permission to withdraw money from her wallet.

Their conversation came to an end when the vendor asked Gifty to wait and said he was processing it so she could receive her alleged money.

The part that was interesting was when Gifty Osei told the man that she was preparing Konkonte and couldn’t hang up the phone.

View the video below:

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