VIDEO: Ghanaians dirties Nana Addo for having a presidential convoy of 46 cars

Many angry Ghanaians on social media have referred to Nana Addo as an insensitive and careless president because, despite the country’s current economic difficulties, he is touring the various regions in 46 cars.

Nana Addo was in the Eastern Region over the weekend, and a video from his visit captures the moment 46 cars accompanied him to his various destinations.

Because Ghanaians are hungry and dying, the president’s convoy has become the target of jeers and hoots, but the president appears unconcerned.

46 cars, including v8 Land Cruisers, Pickups, Ambulances, and other vehicles, can be seen among the president’s convoy in the viral video.

Surprisingly, the large fleet of vehicles traveled on a pothole-infested road that has yet to be repaired.

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