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VIDEO: I prefer a prostitute as a wife to a church girl – Evangelist Dartey

Germany-based Ghanaian evangelist Bright Dartey has disclosed that he would have chosen to marry a prostitute if he were a bachelor.

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Evangelist Dartey gave several reasons for his choice. According to him, such ladies have lasting marriages because they have the experience and would cherish their husbands more than a ‘church girl.’

“If I make a prostitute my wife, she would never starve me in the bedroom because that was her job. Also, she knows how to communicate. If she has a customer, it is mainly because of her work and how she talks.

Moreover, she knows how to save money, and they are very polite. They know how to entice. Look at how Delilah got Samson to reveal his secrets. Do you think she just asked bluntly? She must have done it seductively,” he explained.

Evangelist Bright reiterated that communication is essential in all forms of life. He referenced how Satan used communication to defeat Adam and Eve.

“That is why many people divorce when they fail to communicate. So if a prostitute has all these qualities and is my wife, why would I cheat? I’m telling you that if any pastor weds a prostitute, his church will never collapse because she will change completely,” he added.

Speaking to DJ Nyaami, Evangelist Dartey added that apart from a prostitute, he would go for an older woman who has already given birth. He said; “I look at my age and go for a woman who has also divorced and has kids. She would treat me like a father.”

Kindly watch the full interview below:


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