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VIDEO: I was denied job offer with the perception that plus-size people are lazy – Plus size lady cries

Social media entrepreneur Najat Achiama has disclosed that, unlike people’s perceptions, she has no plans of losing weight. Instead, she hopes to gain more pounds because she feels comfortable in her body and would love to add on weight.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Najat indicated that despite the disadvantages of being a plus-size woman, she is plus-size and proud. Najat mentioned that she would only lose weight based on health issues.

“I’m very comfortable in my skin. I’ve never for once thought of losing weight. If it’s for health reasons, fine, but I’m healthy. If you are plus size and fit, then you’re good to go.

I eat well and get fit for myself, but I’ve never thought of reducing to your size. I wouldn’t mind adding more weight. I aspire to be a size 28, but I’m currently a size 24. The last I checked, I weighed 130kg,” she stated.

Speaking on some disadvantages, Najat mentioned that she was denied a job offer due to the perception that plus-size people are lazy. This experience motivated her decision to start a business selling women’s undergarments.

“I interviewed for a job, and they knew that I was qualified for the position. But there was a woman there who said I was the only one qualified, but ‘I’m thinking of your weight.’ They associate plus-size people with laziness.

So it becomes tough for us to get jobs. Even though so,e plus size people are lazy, some slim people are also very lazy,” she added.

Najat sells women’s undergarments, especially plus-size women, mainly on social media under the name; Bra Boss.

Kindly watch the full video below;


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