VIDEO: I’m sorry forgive me – Abeiku Santana apologizes to Pizzaman

Celebrated radio broadcaster Abeiku Santana has made a U-turn on his stance against Pizzaman concerning the two workers jailed for stealing.

Last week Abeiku Santana launched an attack on the CEO of Pizzzaman on Okay Fm which talks that he is not ‘Guy’ and can’t call himself ‘youth leader’

All this was because two of his workers have been jailed for stealing five (25) cartons of chicken and vegetable oil.

Abeiku Santana was of the opinion that the CEO shouldn’t have made it a criminal case and instead deduct it from their salaries.

On Sunday he defended his stance on United Showbiz live on UTV and said he will never apologize when Bulldog called him out to apologize to Pizzaman.

We don’t know what happened but Abeiku Santana on Tuesday afternoon made a U-turn to issue an apology.

In his apology statement on Okay Fm, he said he didn’t think about his earlier statement and that he was very wrong.


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