Video of how Captain Smart chopped Felicia Osei before getting her the Onua TV job surfaces

Ayisha Modi, a Ghanaian social media personality based in the United States, has made a damning accusation against journalist Captain Smart and TikToker Felicia Osei.

Felicia Osei, a Tiktoker, landed a job at Media General, where she now works at one of their Akan-speaking networks, Onua.

While she is content with her job, Ayisha Modi is making serious allegations against her mother, Maa Linda, in her latest feud.

According to Ayisha Modi Maa Linda, she enjoys gossiping about others while turning a blind eye to the actions of her children Felicia Osei and Sexxy Journalist.

She then revealed that captain smart chopped Felicia Osei before she got her job at Onua FM.

Ayisha Modi has promised to present hard-core evidence to support her claims.

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