VIDEO: Reactions as angry Slay Queen threatens to release Dr Kwaku Oteng’s alleged bedroom video

The name of media magnate Dr Kwaku Oteng has surfaced in the contentious battle between Linda Osei’s camp and Afia Schwarzenegger’s camp.

Afia Schwarzenegger and Linda Osei have been fighting dirty in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, they have drawn their children into it, revealing information that is not supposed to be kept private.

During the fight, Afia Schwarzenegger released some contentious audio that implied Linda Osei’s daughter, ‘S3xy Journalist,’ is into hooking up ladies with big men.

Following the audio, they have been roasting each other and digging for more information about each other.

Afia Sarponmaa is said to be the woman who betrayed S3xy Journalist and gave her chats and audios to Afia Schwarzenegger.

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