VIDEO: Reactions as Maa Linda reveals how Afia Schwar murdered her father

Maa Linda has charged Afia Schwar with murdering her father, who died on January 17, 2022.

Maa Linda, who is currently feuding with Afia Schwar, believes the comedienne should be held accountable for her father’s death because she played a role in the old man’s demise.

In a viral video, Maa Linda accused Afia Schwar of drawing blood from his father’s body and using it for tea while he was still alive, which contributed to his father’s death.

Aside from these serious allegations, Maa Linda also claimed that Afia Schwar’s father’s body is in her room, which she eats, sells, and uses for rituals.

Maa Linda’s incriminating remarks are in response to Afia Schwar’s claims that her daughters are prostitutes.

For several days now, the two controversial ladies have been dragging themselves and exposing each other’s secrets.

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