VIDEO: Tiktok star Felicia Osei exposed for allegedly sleeping around with married men

A vengeful Afia Schwarzenegger has launched an attack on her ‘nemesis,’ Tiktok star Linda Osei aka Kofios.

Felicia Osei, the Tiktok star’s daughter, is a promiscuous modern-day Jezebel, according to Afia Schwarzenegger.

She claims Felicia, who, like her mother, is a tiktoker, has been sleeping with married men in Ghana.

Felicia allegedly slept with Abeiku Santana, according to Afia.

She now claims the girl is in big trouble for sleeping with another married man, and her family is doing everything they can to keep it a secret.

Afia stated that since Kofios gossips about everyone on Tiktok for content, she should gossip about her own daughter’s case as well.

She mentioned Nayas, who got into trouble after sleeping with her husband’s friend.

Kofios heavily trolled Nayas in that case, and Afia suggested she troll her own daughter as well!

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