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VIDEO: Young man in tears as circle boys sell well-packaged stone to him as brand new phone

Another Ghanaian young man has fallen victim to the thievery of some of the young men who sell at Circle in the nation’s capital.

The young man who obviously didn’t know how the guys at Circle can be scrupulous sometimes decided to buy a phone from there.

Unfortunately for him, they sold a piece of stone packaged nicely in the case of a phone to him as a brand new phone.

He could not believe his eyes when some other guys at Circle told him that he has been duped by whoever sold the phone to him as it is just a stone the guy sold to him.

He stood there bewildered and told the guys that the person who sold it to him actually put it on earlier for him to see and that he cannot understand why the phone has suddenly turned into a stone — the guy has obviously not been too circle too many times.

Watch the sad video below

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