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WATCH: 2nd Year PERSCO student received hefty slaps from dad over a “JULIANA”

The foolishness of adolescence can sometimes lead you into your worst nightmares.

This was the case of Zadok who received two hefty slaps from his father for taking his mother’s car without permission.

The story has it that Zadok who was away from home got wind of the fact that his parents were out of their home so decided to take his mother’s car for a little flex.

The idea was that he will pick Juliana up from one of these SHS classes, cruise around town and have a good time together before he quietly takes his mother’s car back home.

However, his guardian angel seem to have slept early on that fateful day as his parents returned home before their scheduled time.

Alarmed by the missing car, they reported to the Police but they were informed later that the car was with their son who was catching a cruise and waiting patiently to chauffer his lovely Juliana around town.

His father and mother rushed to the venue for the classes and lo and behold, there was Zadok. His father could not hold back his anger and disappointment unleashed two hefty slaps on his cheeks before he was pulled out by Zadok’s mother who kept asking who Juliana was.

The issue has come up for discussion on social media.


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