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WATCH: Agradaa in trouble; runs for life after scamming church members

Thousands of people have descended on Agradaa in order to collect their money after she successfully perpetrated yet another scam.

Thousands of people have stormed Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa’s church after falling for yet another scam.

Hundreds of people are waiting to pounce on her for duping them at Heaven’s Way Chapel.

According to the victims, she advertised on her television that she has 3 billion cedis that God wants her to distribute among believers in order for them to attend her all-night service.

Yesterday, the church’s all-night service was packed to the raptors with people eager to get a piece of the money.

She asked them to pay offertory from 500 cedis and up during the service, which many did.

Watch the video below:

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