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WATCH: Boy brutally stabbed, beaten by a group of boys in Tema for being gay

Perry Ato Inkoom told SVTV Africa that in the early evening of 19 December he was attacked by the young people following a birthday party. In Tema, a coastal city 16 miles east of the capital Accra, Inkoom was walking along Site 14, community one, when the kids targeted him.

Inkoom was walking back from a children’s party that he worked as an MC at. “A daughter of a friend attended the party too,” he recounted.

“So a friend and I went to her house to find out of she arrived home safely.”

“On our way back, we met a group of friends.” Suspecting him of being gay, the group began to taunt him and call him “batty boy”.

“My friend recognised one of the boys and mentioned his name,” he told the television station, then they started beating us.”

Inkoom blacked out during the beating, he recounted. But his friend said they the group stabbed him with a knife before fleeing into a nearby house.

“The only thing I remember was being at the Tema General Hospital the next day,” he added. “But we had been to the community one police station for a statement form.”

During the interview, Inkon shows the wounds across his hand, chest and neck that nearly one month on are still healing.

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