WATCH: Ernest Opoku busted for using juju in his music career

An evangelist has revealed musician Ernest Opoku uses juju in his music career. 

As far as even the Christian mind can conceive, the uses of charm has nothing to do with the Christian life and even worse if its being done by some one who is supposed to know better.

According an evangelist who is believed to be based in Europe, Ernest Opoku, the “Awurade Aye” hit maker allegedly uses fetish spirits in his career.

According to the woman, God is really angry with Ernest Opoku and a such she is beseeching the Gospel musician to come back to his first love

“God says he should desist from moving from one fetish to the other, and come back to him”, She said.

She went further to say she is not afraid to call Ernest Opoku out for his bad deeds since even Reverend Owusu Bempah couldnt stand her vernom.

“I say it as it is, even Reverend Owusu Bempah, who commands a lot of respect in Ghana had backlashes from me, how much more him “common a little rug” who will just disappear by the mere snap of my finger”.

Before concluding her message, she sent a strong warning to gospel musicians in Ghana and abroad to be careful of how the go about gaining game or the wrath of God will descend on them.

Ernest Opoku is yet to respond to these serious allegations and DailyNewsGhana.com will update you on any development.

Watch the video below:


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