WATCH: Gospel musician Empress Gifty in trouble after releasing this video

Empress Gifty Adorye has been slammed by social media users after she passed some comments about what couples who are planning to get married should be thinking about.

According to Empress, thinking about your partner’s sickle cell genotype, HIV status, etc is irrelevant if you do not check your zodiac compatibility and their behavior.

Watch her submission below…

Empress Gifty’s submission completely triggered netizens who came for her.

“Heeerrrrrhhhh today am disappointed in this woman , which side of her bed did she sleep on,what is also the sense in marrying good man and takn medication everyday,gama she thinks takn antiretroviral medication is easy eerhh, having sickle cell kids is easy eerrhh, IVf and the rest is it small money they use to do it?? madam if you want to advice do it, and stop pple from doing medical checkups before marriage…” one angry netizen said.

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