WATCH: How I plotted Nyaho Tamakloe’s downfall to make way for Nyantakyi as GFA President – Nana Fitz recounts

Former Cornerstone chairman, Nana Fitz has revealed that he led a plot against Dr. Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe, while the latter was the Ghana Football Association Chairman in 2005.

Fitz has admitted to fabricating issues and finding flaws in Tamakloe’s administration in order to help his candidate Kwesi Nyantakyi win the election to become FA president after FIFA implemented democratic election of FA Chairmen rather than government appointment.

Speaking with the Ernest Brew Smith Show on YouTube, Fitz recounted how he ganged up against Nyaho Tamakloe’s administration.

“At that time government had the power to appoint an FA chairman and Nyaho’s appointment came from the government. At the time you barely hear issues of bribery but we were winning cups. So all of a sudden, FA cancelled government appointing Chairmen. I should have taught about it. I championed that course, I sat down to plan. At that time he had power and had every right to continue because there was total accountability. So I stood and say he travelled without permission and also made an issue out of Otto’s $5,000. Nana, please forgive. If I had known that after him this is how this camouflage will run things, I wouldn’t have done it,” he said.

The veteran football administrator pleaded with Nhayo Tamakloe, now Hearts of Oka board member, for forgiveness.

“Nyaho, you are my brother and you know that at that time I didn’t have the right frame of mind. I wasn’t developed, that is why I played that part, so forgive me. It’s part so forgive me. To Ghanaians, the why (Ghana) football is now, whether it is good or bad, I played a major role in it.”

Kwesi Nyantakyi unseated his Chairman, Nyaho Tamakloe during the election in 2006.

Before assuming the role, Nyantakyi had served as vice-chairman and president of the Ghana League Club Association.

Nyantayi occupied the seat for 12 years until he vacated the role after being found guilty of bribery in an investigative piece by Anas Aremeyaw Anas in 2018.

Under Kwesi Nyantakyi, Ghana qualified for World Cup three times- 2006, 2010 and 2014.

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