Watch how Joyce Blessing locked ex-husband in the bathroom and chop boyfriend on her matrimonial bed

Joyce Blessing allegedly cheated on her ex-husband Dave on their matrimonial bed, which contributed to their failed marriage, according to Nana Agraada.

Nana Agraada responded to Joyce Blessing’s mockery of her in a video that has gone viral on social media.

We previously reported that Joyce Blessing is one of the few Ghanaians who trolled Nana Agraada after she went on social media to complain about her husband’s spiritual father destroying her marriage.

Nana Agraada chose to go into her past relationship with the gospel musician and hit her hard, clapping back at Joyce Blessing.

According to her, Joyce Blessing was forced to lock her husband in their bathroom and allow her boyfriend to make love to her on their matrimonial bed.

Nana Agraada claimed once more that it was the musician’s boyfriend, not the musician’s ex-husband, who gave birth to the musician’s three children.

Joyce Blessing, according to Nana Agraada, is a witch, which is why she was able to manipulate her ex-husband.

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