WATCH: I can’t stay without s3x – Young Ghanaian actress

Up-and-coming actress Lamisi Yankey has revealed that she cannot stay without sex for long and does not prefer a long-distance relationship.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Lamisi indicated that she has been in a long-distance relationship before, but she won’t engage in another again. According to Lamisi, she would yearn for his presence and would rather date a man living in Ghana.

In response to whether she could stay three years without seeing her partner, Lamisi stated that “I will divorce him. I can’t stay alone for three years without having sex. We are married, and the relationship is different. He would have to go with me. I’m being honest.

I can’t cheat on my husband either. So we will get a divorce instead. Cheating in a relationship is different from cheating g in a marriage. When you sleep with another man, you have disrespected your husband and womanhood.”

Lamisi added that she doesn’t mind cheating while in a long-distance relationship, but she can never do it while married.

Moreover, she told DJ Nyaami that experiences from her past relationships have made her lose trust in men, especially men in Accra. According to Lamisi, her focus is to make money.

“I pray to God to give me a child and make me rich. I don’t want to get married. I can date if I want sex. That’s all I want right now,” she said.

Watch the interview below:

Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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