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WATCH: I was chopped by father and son in Lebanon – Single Mother shares bitter experience

A single mother of 3, Rose Agyeman who traveled to Lebanon to make some money to cater to her kids met a plight she later ran away from.

Rose worked at the house for the fear of being raped and could barely get rest as she stayed up all day anticipating foul play by her employer’s brother and father. According to Rose, he threatened to kill her if she did not comply.

”I had to stay up because I was scared he would come into my room. I had to stay alert all-day when they came by the house. One time, he (The father) threatened to stab me with a knife if I did not obey, ” Rose said.

Rose went to Lebanon in 2019. Before leaving, her Ghanaian agent told her she would work in a factory because Rose had heard disturbing stories of the house helps in the country.

Nonetheless, she worked as a house help in a family house though she didn’t like the job. After her employer realized that she preferred another job, they made her stay there a nightmare.

She later had to flee to the Ghanaian embassy in Lebanon. Her family had to get a loan to bring her back home. Rose came back in February 2020.

Kindly watch the full interview below:

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