WATCH: I’m proud of my b00bs, men pay just to touch it – Ghanaian actress

Ghanaian socialite and up-and-coming actress Deloris Donkor has cautioned people to quit chastising those who get body enhancement surgeries because they may do the same if they had the means.

Speaking on Daily Hustle on SVTV Africa, Deloris stated that women must not be criticized for wanting to look more beautiful and confident. She added that they are financially capable and do not need approval from onlookers.

Miss Donkor is known on social media for her humongous boobs. According to Deloris, she was shy about her breasts as a teenager. However, she became more confident and proud as she matured. Deloris mentioned that a teacher used her as a reference point whiles he was preaching.

“He told the girls not to be like me because I have allowed boys to touch my breasts, and that’s why my boobs are big. But now, I’m very confident. I can’t imagine myself without my boobs,” she recounted.

Kindly watch the full video below;

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