WATCH: Joyce Blessing’s husband shows off his new lover

Dave Joy, Joyce Blessing’s estranged husband, has shown off his new lover, the identity of whom is unknown.

Remember how Joyce Blessing and her husband took over social media trends last year after reports surfaced that the gospel diva was cheating on her husband?

Despite reports that the couple had split up and were no longer married, Dave Joy posted a video dismissing the rumors and firmly stating that he was still married to the gospel singer.

Unfortunately, it appears that Dave Joy and Joyce Blessing have amicably divorced behind the scenes, as evidenced by a new video from the music producer’s camp that has elicited mixed reactions online.

Dave Joy was cruising with his new woman inside a moving vehicle, as seen in a new video that has since gone viral on social media.

He revealed that his new love interest is the “King of Queens.” He also hinted at their impending wedding in the caption he attached to the video.

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