WATCH: Maame Serwaa opens up on going under knife to enhance her body

Kumawood actress, Maame Serwaa has finally addressed the pressing rumours of going under the knife to enhance her body to look nice for men.

These rumours followed after the actress disappeared on social media for some months and later appeared with a banging body with enlarged hips and bortos.

new body and this raised concerns that she has followed the same route as Moesha to augment her body resulting in the incredible features she wields

The actress has kept mute over the accusations ever since the rumours started gaining popularity on social media until her most recent interview with Daily View YouTube channel where she set the records straight once and for all.

As claimed by Maame Serwaa, her body is natural and she hasn’t added any artificial features to it.

She insisted that the massive physique she has gained is a result of her growing age and not necessarily the end product of the liposuction she has allegedly undergone.

Maame Serwaa is reported to have said;

“We are growing, the Maame Serwaa, you know, when she was 16 years old, can’t remain the same forever. In some women, their features appear enhanced.”

“You shouldn’t assume that one has gone under the knife. Some will even say that you are overeating. When I was younger, I had smaller boobs, but as time goes on, I see them develop.”

“I don’t have a child but it has grown bigger, you get it? It is life, you will have changes…I am training, I want to manage it…it is normal,”

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