WATCH: Mami Wata sacrifices Afia Schwar to the gods for peace and prosperity

Mami Wata’s daughter burnt Afia Schwar and offers her to the gods in exchange for Ghana’s peace and prosperity.

Akosua Moon Goddess, Mami Wata’s daughter, is mocked by Afia Schwarzenegger and Ghanaians.

The lady unleashed her antics on Afia Schwarzenegger, warning her that the gods are about to destroy her for mocking Deloris Afia Frimpong Manso Delay with barrenness.

In response to what Moon Goddess said about her, Afia Schwarzenegger advised her to stop using marijuana because it is bad for her health.

People laughed at her because Afia Schwarzenegger said what she said on Moon Goddess’ TikTok post.

This has enraged her to curse Afia Schwarzenegger and those who have joined her in mocking her.

In a new video, she bʋrnt Afia Schwarzenegger spiritually and all those mocking her.

She asks her gods to take Afia Schwarzenegger and her mockers as sacrifices for the peace and prosperity of Ghana.

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