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WATCH: Mix reactions as man weds three virgins at the same time

Mixed feelings have been expressed after a man named Byamungu Kanjira Prosper married three women simultaneously in church.

The Primitive Church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which promotes polygamy, served as the venue for the union of the man and his brides.

The church unequivocally states that it is of the firm opinion that men should be free to have as many spouses as they choose.

Aframax English posted a video from the wedding ceremony in which Prosper is seen at the altar with the three bridesmaids dressed to the nines.

Speaking on his decision to wed not one, not two, but three women, the groom stated a guy doesn’t need to keep to just one marriage.

Prosper said, “I can take more,” and pointed out that there are far more women than men around the globe.

He predicted that things would get to the point where seven women would consent to marry one man in the future.

Then he advised single ladies to visit their church so they may find husbands. The wives of Prosper expressed their joy and pride in being his wives.

Watch the video below:

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