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Watch moments ‘Mad’ TikTok couple were arrested by police

The police have swiftly reacted to a series of videos depicting a Ghanaian couple whose unorthodox lifestyle coupled with strange confessions that they killed their children to save Ghana which heavily dominated social media in the last couple of days.

A Tiktok video shows the moment police officers stormed their home to take them into custody.

Empress Lupita, the wife, said in the video that Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dampare had dispatched his men to detain her husband in order to aid in an investigation.

Interestingly, the footage of the arrest was captured by Lupita who literally ran a commentary on proceedings concerning the arrest.

She also mentioned that the officers said it was only a formality that they question her husband over all the claims they made in the viral videos.

Lupita said although she was not arrested, she will join her husband at the police station to show solidarity. Watch the video as shared online.

Watch the video below:


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