WATCH: Mona Gucci’s daughter turns street girl – Disturbing video causes stir

Media personality, Mona Gucci’s biological daughter has reportedly hit the street, dancing for pleasure.

She is seen in a video whining and twe*king whilst others stood to watch.

According to reports, Mona Gucci’s third child who stays in Apenkwa is now almost a street girl who does what she wants.

It is unclear who exactly the young girl stays with but everything shows she has her time to herself and she does what she likes.

Blogger Tutugyagu called out Mona Gucci in her post to go for her daughter before she completely turns a street girl.

She also noted that Mona has 4 beautiful kids before she entered the entertainment industry but she only flaunts her son who is a U.S. citizen.

Watch the video below;


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