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WATCH: My mother uses faeces to prepare soup for us – Son of viral ‘mentally challenged’ couple speaks

The second son of Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest granted an exclusive interview to KOFI TV – and made a couple of sad and emotional revelations in the process.

El Saa, a young boy, claims that his mother occasionally uses feces to make soup for them to eat.

He explained that his mother and father would defecate in a bucket and then blend it to make a special soup called Evil Soup to eat with Banku.

The traumatized boy also revealed in the heartbreaking interview that his father once threatened to cut off his head.

Without equivocation, the 8-year-old boy stated unequivocally that he despises his parents and that nothing under the sun will compel him to return to them.

He claimed that he ran away from home because his parents were starving him and forbidding him from bathing.

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