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WATCH: Not only me, the music and the PE teacher have chopped her – Benkum SHS teacher speaks again

How the Benkum SHS bedroom video of Teacher and student surfaced has been explained.

How the infamous video of the Benkum SHS girl and her teacher surfaced has been explained.

It all started when English Teacher, Emmanuel Darko took a loan of 3,000 cedis from the school’s Momo vendor.

For several months, Emmanuel was nowhere to be found so they thought he had run away with the money.

At the same time, one student was always asking about him

How the student was worried about English Teacher Emmanuel’s whereabouts made the school’s administration suspicious.

Other students knew about the affair between the student and Teacher Emmanuel so the issue became a big topic on campus.

Finally, Teacher Emmanuel returned to the school and was dragged to the School’s disciplinary committee to answer questions about the loan and affair with the student.

Emmanuel said to them it was the student who moved to him and not the other way round.

Emmanuel Darko Mensah said he isn’t the only teacher to have an affair with the student so he can’t the only one to suffer.

Emmanuel Darko Mensah, the English teacher was reported to Ghana Education Service for having an affair with a student.

When he realized Ghana Education Service has suspended his pay, he sensed that it was the Benkum SHS administration that has reported him.

The English Teacher said the Music teacher and the PE teacher have a history of having affairs with this same girl.

As revenge, Emmanuel dropped wild allegations in the school’s Teachers and Administration WhatsApp group that he isn’t the only teacher to have had an affair with that girl

He accused the PE Teacher of impregnating the same girl but terminated it

The English Teacher even accused the Head Teacher of being complicit.

He then proceeded to drop screenshots of chats as evidence and then video evidence.

The English Teacher, Emmanuel dropped video evidence of the encounters between the SHS girl and the PE Teacher.


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