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WATCH: Opambour nearly showed Pono on his Television while preaching

The moment Ebenezer Miracle Center’s head pastor, Rev. Ebenezer Opambour Yiadom aka the Nations Prophet 1, asked his television programmers to stop showing Pono live on his show.

When popular explicit content was nearly broadcasted, one of Opambour’s ministering on his television station almost turned into an explicit show.

The video is one of Nigeria’s hottest Pono movies on the internet, and the male actor, who mostly dresses like a fetish priest, nearly got into the action with the female actor.

Opambour, who was preaching against some of these fetish priestesses’ actions, particularly those who go around sleeping with their clients, wanted to use the video in his sermon.

He then ordered his programmers to stop showing the content live on Tv in a hilarious way.

Watch the video below:

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