WATCH: Reactions as late Santo’s last born surfaces online with tears

Santo’s lastborn has cried out over how life has been difficult for him.

Akwasi Nyamekye, the last born of legendary actor Santo says he’s been abandoned by his father’s best friend Abusuapanin Judas.

The boy reached out to Blogger Zionfelix for an interview to tell the world about his struggles with the hope of getting help.

Being the last born and birthed out of wedlock he was so so young when his father passed away

He had to stay with one of his stepmothers but after completing JHS life became tough for him.

According to him one of his elder brothers took him to actress Auntie Bee, one-time wife of Santo sometimes ago.

She reached out to her that he wants to get into the movie industry and she gave him the contact of movie producer Samuel Nyamekye and one Kumasi-based Alhaji

After speaking to Alhaji, he promised to get him into contact with Samuel Nyamekye of Miracle Films but he kept promising with no show.

One day he decided to travel to Kumasi  by himself to see the Alhaji after learning there will be an audition

When he got to Kumasi, the Alhaji couldn’t get him to see Samuel Nyamekye.

He kept on pushing but everything he calls, the Alhaji tells him the movie industry isn’t vibrant as it used to be.

When he asked if he’s reached out to Abusuapanin Judas, he said he was very disappointed in him because he knew Santo had children

He explained that even if Judas thought the elder children were fit to survive, he should’ve remembered the last born.

Akwasi Nyamekye said he’s never seen Abusuapanin Judas after his father’s funeral.


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