WATCH: ‘She was eating me’ – Diamond Platnumz declares Fantana as best kisser ever

Tanzanian musical idol, Diamond Platnumz has admitted meeting the best kisser in his life even though he had believed before that he was the best.

In a captivating snippet from the ongoing Young, Famous, and African reality TV show streaming on Netflix, Tanzanian music icon Diamond Platnumz confesses to encountering the ultimate kissing experience, surpassing his own self-proclaimed prowess.

He revealed that Ghanaian-American musician Fantana has claimed the title of the best kisser he has ever encountered.

The video clip showcases Diamond engaging in a conversation with Fantana, leading to an agreement to share a farewell kiss.

As Fantana leans in towards him while he comfortably reclines on a sofa, the chemistry between them becomes palpable. The impact of the kiss was so profound that it left Diamond in awe, exclaiming, “I thought I was the best kisser until I kissed Fantana. She wasn’t just kissing me; she was devouring me. It was the best kiss ever.”

Watch the video below:

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