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WATCH: This is how the arrest of Chef Smith happened

Nana Boroo has been accused of causing confusion at Chef Smith’s Guinness World Record announcement ceremony.

Musician Nana Boroo has been accused of bringing police and military officers to caused confusion at the Guinness World Record announcement at La Palm.

Chef Smith who attempted Guinness World Guinness for longest cooking hours from February 21 2024 to March 6, 2024, organized a press conference today at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

At the press conference, he showed a citation and announced that Guinness World Guinness had confirmed him as the record holder for the longest cooking hours 802 hours, 25 minutes.

His citation and claims have come under scrutiny as Guinness World Record themselves are yet to publish it on their official website.

Doubts surrounding the citation aren’t the only controversy surrounding what happened at La Palm Royal Beach today.

According to Hitz FM reporter, he was beaten by soldiers who followed Nana Boroo to the event and was forced to delete every video from his phone.

Speaking in the studios of Hitz FM he said Nana Boroo brought police and soldiers to the press conference wanting to arrest Chef Smith.

He explained that according to Nana Boroo, he had a contract with Chef Smith and he had broken the contract to be under a different management team.

The reporter says this created confusion there and he was beaten in the process.

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