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WATCH: Tomato sellers busted for scamming customers

A lady named Stephanie Marilyn Ba has taken to social media to expose the scam pulled by roadside tomato sellers.

They showcase buckets full of tomatoes but when they pour out the tomatoes from the buckets, what you would have is a bucket half full of grass.

The video was captioned “Definition of scam”.

Some Netizens showed their disappointment and pointed out that corruption is the same in all levels.

Some of the comments read:
@JosyMends👸🏽🍑🍒: “That’s why we’re suffering ooo cos everything about us is corrupt kai”

@trapsy: “And then they’ll start complaining “God why don’t I succeed” ,how can you succeed yet your are blocking your ways of success😏😏.”

@dmaya: “y not increase price n give the right quantity😏😏.”

See the video here:


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