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WATCH: Viral TikTok couple opens up on burying their son alive and using feces to cook

Empress Lupita and Godpapa The Greatest have finally responded to their tier 8-year-old son’s viral interview with Kofi Adoma, which has since become a national topic.

El Saa claims that despite having a variety of foods at home, his parents nearly starved him to death.

He also revealed that his mother and father will occasionally defecate in a bucket and then blend it to make a special soup called Evil Soup for them to eat with Banku.

The traumatized boy also revealed in the heartbreaking interview that his father once threatened to cut off his head.

Without equivocation, the 8-year-old boy stated unequivocally that he despises his parents and that nothing under the sun will force or persuade him to return to them.

He claimed that he ran away from home because his parents were starving him and forbidding him from bathing.

In response, Godpapa and Empress Lupita posted a self-made video of themselves on the internet, dismissing their son’s serious allegations against them.

According to the couple, who have since gone viral on the internet, their son is a thief and a terrible liar.

El Saa once stole food from the house to eat and lied to his mother that it was he (who wasn’t) at home who ate the food, according to Godpapa.

Watch the video below:

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