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WATCH: Woman ‘runs mad’ on live TV after DNA proved neither of her 2 boyfriends is father of her baby

There was a lot of drama on the Obra show on Nhyira FM when a woman accused two men of being the father of her one-year-old son. The men denied the accusations and even accused the woman of being promiscuous.

To settle the matter once and for all, the producers of the show organized a DNA test. The results were shocking! The probability of the man being the father of the child was 0%. This meant that the woman had other boyfriends who could be the father.

The woman was devastated by the results and couldn’t control her tears. She confessed to sleeping with three men at the same time, even during her pregnancy. After giving birth, she visited all three men and made them believe they were responsible for the pregnancy.

When the men failed to take care of the child, she reported the matter to the Obra unit. However, it was later revealed that she was the one to blame for the whole situation. In conclusion, it’s important to be responsible and honest in our relationships. Lying and cheating can lead to disastrous consequences. It’s always better to be truthful and face the consequences of our actions.

Watch the video HERE.


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