Watch: Young lady curses Asantewaa with eggs

Ama, a TikTok girl Asantewaa’s brother invited to their home to chop, has invoked curses on them.

A TikTok girl known as Ama, whom Asantewaa’s brother invited from Kumasi to chop, has invoked curses between the two.

The girl narrated how Kayverli invited her from Kumasi and how she came along with a friend without his knowledge.

After sleeping with her, which he didn’t last, he told her that he would’ve spent the night with her, but because she came along with a friend, he has to get them a guest house.

At the guest house, he gave them 150 cedis for food, but the next day, when they requested money for transportation back to Kumasi, he insulted them and asked them to use the 150.

Having come on TikTok to shame Kayverli, Asantewaa warned her to stop, or else she would shame her.

She called off Asantewa’s bluff, and the celebrity TikToker took to snapchat to post her naked video.

Ama has returned the favor and invoked curses on Asantewaa and his brother.

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