We will not allow your intimidation anymore – Alhaji Sinare warns NPP

Alhaji Sinare has commended the Johnson Asiedu Nketia-led National Executive Committee and NDC’s support base for their unwavering efforts which led to the release of Naa Koryoo, the party’s Parliamentary candidate for Awutu Senya East Constituency on Saturday.

According to the former Ambassador, the proactiveness of the party’s leadership and its teeming supporters ensured one of their own was freed from oppression.

“The unwavering solidarity and unrelenting efforts of the support base and leadership of our illustrious National Democratic Congress (NDC) have yielded a resounding victory for our besieged democracy,” Said Sinare noted in his post.

He indicated that the release of Naa Koryoo is a paradigmatic example of the transformative power of unity and unwavering determination. He thus commended the National Executives and the party’s supporters for their positive resistance.

The founder of Zongo for NDC also commended His Excellency John Dramani Mahama for his forthright and resolute statement, which sent a clear message to the NPP that the NDC will no longer tolerate their oppressive tactics of intimidating Ghanaians, exemplifying the very essence of democratic governance.

Alhaji Sinare cautioned the NPP to recognize that Ghanaians, particularly the NDC, will no longer countenance their “messianic delusions and misguided notion” of ownership of Ghana. He said the NDC will no longer remain passive spectators while they[NPP] perpetuate their hegemonic agenda of bullying members of the NDC in the lead to the 2024 elections.

He said that the NDC as the harbinger of hope and change, will form the next government (Isaiallah) to reset the country and address its current economic difficulties while continuing to champion the rights and freedoms of all Ghanaians. Alhaji Sinare added that the NDC will resist the NPP’s attempts to undermine Ghana’s democracy, thereby ensuring the consolidation of the country’s democratic gains.

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