We won’t let you go if you temper with our votes – Alhaji Said Sinare warns

A former Ghana Ambassador to Egypt, Alhaji Said Sinare has re-echoed his confidence in John Dramani Mahama’s victory in the December 7 election. Said Sinare said John Mahama is a respected leader who is capable and hard-working and should be given the nod to rescue Ghana from its current economic predicaments.

The former National Vice Chairman said he was impressed by Mahama’s vision, mission, leadership qualities and experience, which he believes are essential to reviving Ghana’s ailing economy.

Alhaji Said Sinare also sent a word of caution to persons or groups who would attempt to tamper with the will of the Ghanaian people during and after the December 7 polls.

Speaking to the media after a meeting with the flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress at his Cantonment office, Alhaji Sinare declared that the 2024 election “will be won by the NDC and Mr John Dramani Mahama on his own merits as the suffering Ghanaians can now see the clear difference between Malt and Fanta.”

“We are poised for a resounding victory to rescue the suffocated Ghana and we won’t spare anyone who attempts to tamper with the election results to favour the wicked NPP,” he said.

“The Ghanaian people will be speaking in a clear language on 7th December and their will should be respected and protected by the electoral Umpire and for the records, as a party, we will not tolerate any attempt to subvert the democratic process if anyone dares to favour the corrupt NPP which has allowed the Ghanaian people to pay for more yet wallowing in abject and unreasonable poverty due to the reckless management of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia led Economic Management team.”

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He said former president John Dramani Mahama is a rescuer and a result-oriented leader with national and international acceptability.

Alhaji Sinare, the former Awayaso Central lawmaker also highlighted Mahama’s credibility and unbreakable track record, making him the only candidate capable of leading Ghana forward.

The meeting reinforced Sinare’s conviction that the NDC is poised for a resounding victory in the December 7 polls. He emphasized that this victory would give every Ghanaian a sense of belonging He announced that the Zongos should get ready for his campaign vans.

Read Said Sinare’s statement below.

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of paying a courtesy visit to H.E John Dramani Mahama, the torchbearer and the undebatable next President of our great country, at his Cantonment office. Our meeting was centered on discussing comprehensive plans for the future of our country, and I was impressed by his vision, mission doubled with experience, and leadership qualities he will be bringing on board to revive the sorry and the porous state of our country’s economy under the inept leadership of these scammers and country wreckers.

As the next president of our country, H.E John Dramani Mahama embodies the qualities of a rescuer, a result-oriented leader with national and international acceptability, and the only candidate with credibility and unbreakable track-record.

Our fruitful discussions have further convinced me that our great NDC is poised for a resounding one-touch victory that will give every Ghanaian a sense of belonging and will not spare or forgive anyone who will dare to temper with the will of the Ghanaian people in the December 7th polls.

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To my Zongo brothers and Sisters, I am Coming!!

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