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We’ll find you – Ursula Owusu tells Quick Loan defaulters

Ursula Owusu, the Communications Minister, has hinted that the Telecos will go after people who have taken out quick loans from the telecos but have chosen not to register their sim cards.

Several Ghanaians who owe QUICK LOANS have purposefully chosen not to register their sim cards, causing their sim cards to be blocked and their debt to be forgotten.

However, during a media appearance on Sunday, Ursula Owusu, the Minister in charge of Communication, stated that such individuals would be apprehended.

She called their actions “evil corruption.”

“I have also been informed that some people who have obtained quick loans from their service providers have decided not to register those SIMs to avoid repaying the loans. That is evil corruption and you will be found out.”

Meanwhile, the deadline for Sim Card Re-registration has been extended to September 30 to allow all Ghanaians to re-register their sim cards.

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