We’ve goofed a little – NPP MP admitted they made a mistake

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Anyaa-Sowutuom, Dr Dickson Adomako Kissi, has acknowledged shortcomings in Ghana’s handling of medical supplies currently detained at the Tema port. 

These supplies, originating from the Global Fund, have been held up for more than a year, posing significant challenges to the country’s health infrastructure.

In an interview with Channel One on Saturday, June 16, Dr Adomako Kissi addressed the critical issue of delayed medical supplies, which were originally provided at no cost by international organizations like the Global Fund and GAVI.

He expressed regret over the mismanagement of these essential resources, emphasising the importance of a more efficient and proactive approach to managing health-related imports.

Dr Adomako Kissi emphasised that Ghana could have mitigated these challenges more effectively to benefit the nation’s healthcare system.

He underscored the need for improved coordination and oversight in handling donated medical supplies, ensuring they reach their intended recipients promptly and without unnecessary delays.

The Anyaa-Sowutuom MP called for heightened accountability and transparency in the management of health resources, urging the government to learn from these lapses to avoid similar issues in the future.

He stressed the importance of prioritising the efficient distribution of medical supplies to enhance healthcare delivery across the country.

“…Our vaccine issues earlier this year were also as a result of the expectation that Ghana should muscle up or you know gear up for taking over many things that were provided to us at no cost.”

“So in re-calibrating or readjusting as a nation, to be able to manage our affairs with regards to getting items from GAVI and all these other world organisations, these are some of the challenges that I think will happen.”

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“…I think that we’ve goofed a little in all honesty…let me admit that our finances in the country are quite challenging…So our priorities will shift and the availability will also be a problem.”

“So I wouldn’t say that we haven’t had a misstep. We’ve had a misstep and it is unfortunate that items that are very useful in terms of our health prevention activities have suffered.”

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