When did Ghana become like, let vote for change – Merrer Ghana Limited boss

The high cost of living coupled with high takes and poor management by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has resulted in the loss of confidence by the youth leading to the mass exodus of the best brains to Europe and other continents.

Many Ghanaians in the health sector and the skilled set such as plumbers, electricians and others on daily basis go to the various embassies looking for opportunities to travel out of Ghana.

The situation is so precarious that every single Ghanaian wants to travel to better their lots because they have bad feelings that if they remain in this country they will die.

A critical look at the business sector, one is greeted with the option of multi-million companies trying to relocate to the neighboring countries citing high taxes and labor cost.

Reacting to the issue, the Chief Executive Officer of Merrer Ghana Limited, Susstgad Boat Building and Fishing Industry, Mr. Novihoho Afaglo said Ghana is currently in reverse gear and therefore if the situation is not arrested immediately, the country will collapse and the economy will crush.

Mr. Afaglo revealed that currently many multi-million companies have relocated to other countries citing the unfriendly business environment, high taxes and high cost of borrowing including manipulations by Ghana Revenue Authority and others.

“When did Ghana become like this that the ordinary citizen cannot boast of three square meals in a day not talk of savings because some employers are complaining of increasing salaries of workers like three times in a roll but still there are many who are still requesting for loans just to keep them running,” he stated.

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He lamented that businesses were suffering under the Nana Akufo-Addo-Bawumia-led government then all the government put together adding that the cost of production had tripled, port duties quadrupled with outrageous taxes leading to the collapse of companies and increase in an unemployment in the country.

On the matter of inflation, the CEO said the doliar is beating the cedis to a point that the latter has become useless contributing to the high cost of goods and services to the extent that a common ball of Kenkey is now sold between GHC 5 and GHC10.

Mr. Afaglo said Ghana the center of attraction in Africa has now become one of the most difficult countries to live in resulting in foreigners choosing neighboring countries instead of the once-preferred Ghana.

He indicated that if care is not taken, even common ‘Kenkey and Gorbe,’ will be priced in dollars because the economy now has become dolarized to the extent that even rent and other commodities are all being quoted in dollars.

He challenged every Ghanaian to use this 2024 election to vote massively for former President John Mahama to rescue Ghanaians from the hands of this “wicked NPP government who are only interested in enriching their families and cronies,” he stated.

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