Why did you create me like this – Emotionally Don Little questioned God

Don Little has emotionally opened up about a pivotal moment in his life when he found himself questioning his self-worth, purpose, and physical appearance.

In a candid interview with Accra FM’s Nana Romeo, the comic actor shared his struggles and how he grappled with why he wasn’t blessed with certain qualities or advantages that others seemed to effortlessly possess.

Don Little admitted that his stature, which is smaller than average, made him believe it would be a stumbling block to his success, especially in the competitive movie industry.

He revealed that there was a time when he directly questioned God, wondering why He had created him knowing that he would face limitations in achieving his dreams and goals.

Reflecting on his early life, Don Little disclosed the numerous challenges he encountered.

He recalled times when he couldn’t afford to have three square meals a day or even find a place to call home.

These circumstances left him feeling rejected and fueled his frustration, leading him to speak negatively about his creator.

However, Don Little’s journey took a positive turn as he discovered resilience and determination within himself.

Despite the initial setbacks, he found success in the entertainment industry and overcame the limitations that his physical appearance seemed to impose.

”Because God created me this way, I was forced to question him and to some extent spoke against him. I made some utterances which i now regret. I was very angry with God because i felt he doesn’t love me and also felt the whole world was against me.”

The actor, who is privately known as Stephen Atanga to a greater extent opined that things began to change after he questioned and had a conversation with God.

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Adding that he is now tempted to make ill utterances against God anytime he faces difficulties as he has realised God hears him whenever he does that.

”Anytime things aren’t going well, I recall some of the words I said to God and I’m tempted to repeat them because I’ve realised whenever I do that he answers me,” he hammered.

However, the actor thanked God for how far he has brought him especially in the movie fraternity.

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