You can’t buy my voice – Philipa Baafi slams politician who want her song

Her hit song Go High was the favourite of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during the 2008 general elections. However, Gospel musician Philipa Baafi has revealed she never made the song specifically for the political party.

She said that contrary to people’s perception, she would not be swayed by any amount of money to compose a song for any political party.

Her mission, she says, is to make music that glorifies God and win souls for Christ, not to promote political campaigns.

In a recent sit-down chat with Graphic Showbiz, Philipa Baafi emphasized that while she respects her colleagues who choose to create campaign songs for political parties, it is not a path she is willing to take.

According to her, doing that would be a deviation from her divine calling. “I won’t accept anything to compose a song for any political party. I know my mission clearly and I will stand by it.

“If I have a song and a particular political party wants to use it, they just pay for copyrights and go ahead with it. But for me to be paid to compose a song specifically for a political party, that won’t happen,” she revealed.

So what about Go High, which the NPP used extensively during the 2008 election season? Philipa Baafi clarified that she had released the song long before the campaigns began and had not intended it for any political party.

“I did not do that song for the NPP. It is a song that touched on victory and the party loved it so they hopped on it to use for their campaign and they paid for copyrights.

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“I don’t do songs for political parties. I sing on realities, about God and positivity and that is why my songs usually catch people’s attention.”

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