Arise Ghana demo: I knew there will be trouble – Adib Saani

Security analyst, Adib Saani, has bemoaned the violence that occurred during the Arise Ghana demonstration on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

According to him, the violence that occurred was needless because it only derails the essence of the demonstration.

In a statement shared on social media, Adib, who indicated that he participated in the demonstration, said that he knew the demonstration will turn chaotic because of the entrenched position taken by the Police and the organisers of protest.

“Things were peaceful from the onset in the morning until the police and Arise Ghana decided to take intransigent positions on the route to be taken by the protestors and timing. The police were acting on the court ruling whilst leaders of Arise Ghana were acting on the stay of execution which they say was granted.

“I knew there will be trouble after the two sides on two separate occasions failed to reach a compromise. I warned some of the leaders of Arise Ghana that its in their best interest to ensure peace else violence will defeat the purpose for which they were out there in the first place. I then took my leave only to hear after an hour that, violence broke out,” the post he shared read.

Earlier, GhanaWeb reported that there was confusion on the grounds of the demonstration at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle as Arise Ghana protestors and officials from the Police Service clashed.

For about 15 minutes, there was teargas being fired into the crowd after some elements in the crowd decided to push against the police who had built a barricade to stop protestors from moving from the Kwame Nkrumah Circle towards the Ring Road Central area.

The altercation happened after organisers met with top officials of the police service to discuss the way forward following an obstruction when protestors tried moving from Obra Spot.

Police officials on the ground had suggested that organisers stick to the court’s assigned route for the demonstration, that is from Obra Spot through to the Independence Square.

But organisers who did not agree insisted that they will use the Ring Road Central road through Ako Adjei Interchange to the ministries.

After the meeting with the police, organisers returned to address the crowd about the situation but during this period, aggrieved protestors went against the police and tried pushing back the barricade.

Consequently, the police fired teargas to disperse the crowd which at this point was not only pushing against the police but pelting stones and other objects at them.

The police have also described as ‘shameful’, the pandemonium that characterized the Arise Ghana demonstration.

In a statement on its social media handle, the police condemned the violent act and exonerated itself from blame.

“What a shame, we were there to protect you and ensure your safety, but you throw stones at us, injure and hurt us. This behaviour is unacceptable and must be condemned,” the Twitter post read.

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