Ayisha Modi placed damning curse on Obrafour

Ayisha Modi has dragged herself into the news surrounding Obrafour’s copyright suit against Drake.

USA-based Ghanaian social media personality Ayisha Modi has managed to drag herself into the news surrounding rapper Obrafour’s copyright lawsuit against Drake.

Reacting to the lawsuit the legendary rapper has filed against a Canadian rapper, she said he should make sure he pays the pack money she supposedly invested in his album before suing people.

It must be remembered that a couple of years ago Obrafour filed a defamation suit against Ayisha Modi when she attacked him and accused him of wasting money she supposedly invested in his “Kasiebo” album.

Well Ayisha Modi is back again attacking Obrafour all because he’s trending on the internet

According to Ayisha Modi, she cursɛd Obrafour, and until he pays her back the money she invested in his album or tells the world the truth he will have no peace.

Ayisha Modi will be suing people to feed himself and nature will catch up with him.

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