Bawumia is fortified physically, economically and spiritually to be flag bearer – NPP’s Filson Awankua

A Leading member of the governing New Patriotic Party in the Upper East Region Filson Awankua has mounted a strong endorsement for Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to be elected flag bearer of the party for the 2024 elections.

In his view, the Vice President has distinguished himself from other persons seeking to lead the party and has what it takes to succeed President Nana Akufo Addo as President of the republic.

“I supported Nana Addo against Aliu Mahama but the case of Bawumia is different. He stands tall. He is a tower and he is competent and so the northerner thing is just a plus. He is going to compete as Nana Addo did. There would be keen competition but I know Bawumia is fortified. He is fortified politically, he is fortified spiritually, he is fortified physically, he is fortified economically, fortified to lead the NPP to victory and we are going to form government in 2025” he said in an interview on Dreamz Fm’s State of Our Nation.

Highlighting the contribution of Dr. Bawumia to the NPP, Mr. Awankua stated that the Vice President who was then deputy governor of the Bank of Ghana was one of the few people who helped former President Kufour to transform the economy.

He said the Vice President who joined the Nana Addo campaign as vice presidential candidate marketed the NPP to victory in 2016 and sustained the gains in the 2020 elections and has been working well to put the economy on track.

Mr. Awankua dismissed the assertion that Dr. Bawumia was nowhere near NPP politics and only popped up when he was nominated as a vice presidential candidate.

He went on to question why people are quick to attribute the current economic difficulties to the vice president but do not credit him for the Free SHS program amongst others.

“Why are they quick to blame him for the economic challenges but don’t credit him for free SHS, nurses and teacher trainee allowances amongst others,” Mr. Awankua questioned.

Source: dreamzfm

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