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Beautiful lady butchered to death by her sugar daddy

28-year-old Flora Gold was butchered to death by her sugar daddy in South Delhi, India for allegedly cheating on him despite spending huge sums of money on her.

According to sources, it was Obinzoe (Sugar Daddy) who flew Flora out of Nigeria to join him in India but after she arrived, she started seeing other men and completely neglected her sugar daddy

The body of the woman was found wrapped in bedsheets and tucked away in a box bed on Friday, April 28, 2023.

DCP (South) Chandan Chowdhary said that they received a PCR call from a person who claimed that a foul smell was coming from inside a flat in Maidangarhi.

“The caller said that a foul smell was coming from a flat on the third floor of the Sriman apartment. The flat has been closed for the last three days,” DCP Chowdhary said.

After a police team rushed to the spot, they found that the flat was locked.

The owner of the flat was called and the door was opened with the help of a key maker.

“The body of a woman was found wrapped in bedsheets in the box of double bed in the right side room of the flat, a 2 BHK,” he said.

The owner said that he rented out the flat in December 2021 to one Obinoze Alexander for Rs 12,000 which is equivalent to GHC 1,732.71 and 67,544.12 naira.

After technical surveillance, the deceased was identified as a Nigerian national and Obinoze was arrested.

“Investigation is ongoing to ascertain the motive and relationship of the accused with the woman,”Chowdhary said.

Below are some pictures of late Flora that have taken over social media trends…


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