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C/R: Female Teacher mercilessly canes 13-year-old student to death (VIDEO)

Godfred Ankomah, a 13-year-old student at Swedru Methodist B Basic School, was reportedly caned to death by his madam.

According to a report from UTV’s correspondent in Swedru, Central Region, the deceased was mercilessly beaten on the back.

According to the information, the teacher’s rage stemmed from the noise the students were making in the classroom during a time when they should have been focused on their studies.

Irked by their noise, the teacher, who needed a strong stance to cane the students, asked them to produce unchecked homework she had given them days before.

Millicent, the madam, informed the students that she would cane each student based on the number of incorrect questions on the homework she had given them and was about to grade.

The deceased Godfred Ankomah, a form 2 student, brought out his homework but was marked down after the marking, so he got 6 questions wrong.

The madam then asked Godfred to bend down and accept his canes for incorrectly answering six questions. The latter pleaded with the former not to lash him behind his back.

However, this did not produce any positive results because Madam Millicent landed heavy strokes on Godfred’s back, causing spinal cord damage and his sudden death.

Watch the video below:

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